CarNow™ Collaborates with Kia America to Enhance Digital Retailing Experience 

Kia EasyBuy Provides Automotive Retailing Solutions for Dealers and Consumers 

ATLANTA, January 29, 2024 – CarNow, a leader in automotive retailing solutions, today announced a strategic collaboration with Kia America, to upgrade’s eCommerce and branded showroom platforms for Kia and its dealers. This collaboration is a significant step forward in advancing the digital retailing strategy for Kia and its dealers and reflects the shared commitment of CarNow, Kia, and its dealers to elevate the automotive retailing experience. 

CarNow’s enhancements to’s eCommerce platform are designed to elevate the online customer journey, starting at the VIN level. The primary focus of Kia EasyBuy is to give customers who visit access to the same new Kia inventory listings that appear on the dealer’s website—including the dealer’s retail pricing, trade-in valuation tool, finance calculator, and other digital tools offered by the dealer. Customers who begin their journey at will have the opportunity to be transferred to the dealer’s website and to receive a dealer email with a QR code that includes the terms of the dealer’s offer.  

In addition, CarNow’s branded showroom platform will serve as an enhanced version of the current Kia showroom platform. This stand-alone product provides a unified digital experience for shoppers, bridging the gap from the tier 1 Kia website to the dealer’s website, including delivery and KS2O services.  

“This collaboration marks a transformative moment for CarNow, Kia, and its dealers,” said Roxanne Dersa, VP of OEM Relations at CarNow. “We’re excited to play a pivotal role in ushering in a new step forward in digital retailing. Our shared vision is to empower Kia and its dealers to not just adapt but thrive in today’s modern digital landscape, offering car-buyers an unparalleled and seamless automotive retailing experience.” 

Kia dealers will have continued flexibility in selecting their preferred digital retailing provider within the Kia Digital Program.  

“Consumer preferences are constantly changing,” said Malia Caskurlu, Director, CX Journey at Kia America. “It is crucial for us to adapt to these expectations and facilitate a customer’s journey to purchasing a Kia vehicle with their preferred dealership. Kia’s Digital Retail Program is aimed to bridge our online and offline channels together, thereby offering an integrated and expedited purchasing experience.” 

While dealer participation in the program is optional, those who opt in can leverage the program’s branding advantages and a significantly improved lead conversion experience. The enhanced digital retailing experience on is set to launch in February, initially exclusive to CarNow-affiliated dealers, providing a strategic window for dealers to capitalize on this unique advantage. 

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About CarNow  

CarNow is a market leader in automotive retail solutions. Providing frictionless, real-time enterprise software solutions, CarNow enhances online engagement and streamlines communication between dealers and consumers. CarNow’s solutions empower dealers to seamlessly manage the entire car-buying journey and provide shoppers with enhanced digital retailing, messaging, and virtual showroom services. With 5,000 dealership customers and more than twenty manufacturer certifications, CarNow is one of the fastest-growing companies in automotive. CarNow is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at 

About Kia 

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Kia America continues to top automotive quality surveys. Kia is recognized as one of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2023. Kia serves as the “Official Automotive Partner” of the NBA and offers a range of gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles sold through a network of over 775 dealers in the U.S., including several cars and SUVs proudly assembled in America*. 

*The Sportage (excludes HEV and PHEV models), Sorento (excludes HEV and PHEV models), and Telluride are assembled in the United States from U.S. and globally sourced parts.