Dealer Voice: Bravo Nissan’s Bianca Verde Praises CarNow’s Impact on Digital Retailing and Customer Experience

In a recent edition of our Dealer Voice series, Bianca Verde, Owner Loyalty Manager and Internet Manager at Bravo Nissan, shared valuable insights into how CarNow’s platform is elevating their dealership’s success in more ways than one. Bianca emphasized the importance of online leads, referring to them as the dealership’s “digital showroom,” and highlighted CarNow’s significant contribution to their streamlined processes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Equal Importance of Online and In-Person Customers:
    • Bianca stressed that leads from CarNow are just as crucial as walk-in customers, recognizing the increasing trend of customers finalizing deals online. Bravo Nissan considers its internet leads as its “digital showroom.”
  2. Ensuring Seamless Processes:
    • Bianca emphasized the need to ensure that the online car-buying process is as meticulous and personalized as an in-person interaction. CarNow’s platform facilitates this by providing a seamless digital retailing experience, including a smooth F&I workflow.
  3. Favorite CarNow Feature: F&I Workflow:
    • The F&I workflow emerged as Bianca’s favorite feature within the CarNow platform. She highlighted the customers’ ability to work out their own numbers, leading to more informed decisions and streamlined processes.
  4. Qualifying Leads and Information Summaries:
    • With CarNow, Bravo Nissan receives 400-500 leads monthly, and Bianca attested to the superior quality of CarNow leads. The platform’s comprehensive information gathering ensures that the dealership is equipped with the necessary details to enhance customer interactions when engaging with new leads.
  5. Distinguishing Features of CarNow Leads:
    • Bianca noted that CarNow leads stand out due to the extensive information collected, surpassing other sources. The live representatives available through CarNow further contribute to a more personalized and helpful experience.
  6. Striving for Customer Experience Excellence:
    • Bravo Nissan places a strong emphasis on customer experience. Bianca expressed the dealership’s commitment to providing the best information and pricing, ensuring customers feel well taken care of.
  7. Transparency and Trustworthiness:
    • Bianca highlighted the importance of transparency and honesty in customer interactions, underscoring the dealership’s commitment to maintaining a good reputation for Bravo Nissan.

As Bravo Nissan continues to thrive, CarNow remains an important partner in their pursuit of excellence, offering efficient solutions that align with the evolving dynamics of modern automotive retailing.

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