Dealer Voice: Unlocking Success with CarNow

Sami Quinney, the Internet Sales Manager at Young KIA, talks about the transformative influence of CarNow on their dealership, showcasing a shift towards enhanced customer interactions and improved overall performance.

Leads That Matter: Quality Over Quantity

Sami explains how CarNow has significantly impacted their leads and overall website traffic. The real win, however, lies in the quality of these leads. Customers aren’t just expressing interest; they’re walking into the dealership ready to make informed decisions.

Tech-Savvy Transitions

With an emphasis on digital retailing, CarNow aligns seamlessly with the preferences of tech-savvy customers, especially those interested in electric vehicles. The transition from online interest to in-person purchases has become a smoother and more enjoyable experience, for both car buyers and dealership staff.

Empowering Every Interaction

Even non-CarNow leads benefit from the platform. Sami highlights how the tool allows customers to streamline their dealership visit, ensuring everything is squared away before they step through the door.

Team Collaboration and Support

Sami also explore how their  CarNow performance rep is always available to provide quick and valuable support. The group chat with the Young KIA team and their CarNow performance rep ensures that her team can get instant responses to any questions, leading to a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The detailed reports from CarNow’s backend have become crucial for Young KIA’s marketing strategy. Sami emphasizes the value of being able to analyze customer preferences and adjust their approach to meet those needs.

Human Touch in Digital Conversations

Moving away from bots, CarNow brings a human touch to online conversations. This personal connection significantly improves customer engagement and retention, a shift that has not gone unnoticed by both customers and the sales team.

Exceeding Expectations

Young KIA’s sold ratio has seen a significant boost with CarNow’s leads. The value delivered has surpassed their expectations, making the transition from other providers well worth it.

CarNow is not just a tool, but is a partner in the dealership’s success journey. To learn more about how CarNow can revolutionize your dealership experience, visit