Maximize Opportunities with Live Help Needed!

Navigating the fast-paced landscape of automotive retail demands staying ahead of the curve. CarNow’s Real-Time Retail platform, featuring Live Help Needed!, ensures you’re always in control.

Live Help Needed! is more than just an alert—it’s a direct line to seizing opportunities and enhancing your customer’s car-buying journey. Receive instant notifications when a potential buyer is ready to take the next step, whether it’s exploring digital retailing or making a purchase.

One of the standout benefits of Live Help Needed! is its ability to keep your team in the loop even when the dealership lights are off. The platform’s alerts are seamlessly managed through DealerHome, allowing you to customize who receives real-time notifications, the hours they’re received, and the devices on which they appear. This flexibility means your team can respond promptly, even after traditional business hours, maximizing the potential to convert quality leads.

The true power of Live Help Needed! lies in its capacity to create tailored and memorable experiences for your customers. By providing personalized assistance at the right moment, your dealership can elevate the car-buying journey, setting you apart from competitors.

Live Help Needed! isn’t just a feature; it’s a catalyst for efficiency, customer satisfaction, and boosting sales. Ready to revolutionize your dealership’s approach? Dive into success today with Live Help Needed!

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