Dealer Voice: Streamlining the Dealership Experience

In the dynamic world of automotive retail, staying ahead means embracing cutting-edge solutions. Humberto Medina, now the Internet Manager at Volkswagen SouthTowne, transitioned from a sales role, and he highlights the pivotal role CarNow played in his journey, both as a salesperson and in his current managerial position.

The standout feature for Humberto is CarNow’s live interaction platform. It not only fosters immediate engagement with potential customers but also provides a wealth of information. From the specific vehicles customers are eyeing to trade-in details and estimated payment plans, CarNow equips the team with valuable insights. Humberto stresses how this data empowers them to guide customers effectively, steering them towards choices that align with their preferences and needs.

CarNow isn’t just a tool; it’s a constant source of leads, driving a steady stream of potential customers to the dealership regularly. According to Humberto, the platform serves as an essential component of their daily operations, answering questions and facilitating interactions seamlessly. What makes CarNow truly remarkable is its role in shaping the customer’s dealership visit. By providing a sense of direction and a preliminary game plan, CarNow transforms the customer experience, making showroom visits more personalized, purposeful, and enjoyable.

In essence, CarNow acts as a catalyst, bridging the online and in-person automotive retail experience. Humberto describes it as having customers show up right at the dealership’s doorstep virtually, making the entire process smoother and more customer-centric.

Learn more about how CarNow’s technology is not just keeping pace with the industry, but is redefining the automotive retail experience for both dealerships and their valued customers.