Dealer Voice: Elevating the Car Buying Journey

Sami, the Internet Sales Manager at Young KIA in Layton, Utah, is tasked with improving the transition from online interest to in-person purchases. After facing challenges with a previous vendor that resulted in disparate systems and a lack of seamlessness, Sami and her team decided to make the switch to CarNow to elevate customer experiences, streamline operations, and maximize profits.

A significant challenge Young KIA faced with their former provider was the disconnection between their dealership website and customer relationship management (CRM) system. CarNow effectively resolved this problem, ensuring smooth transitions between the CarNow platform and their CRM. This change has led to increased sales opportunities and higher customer satisfaction.

Understanding the important role of excellent customer service and a modern platform in building lasting relationships with customers, Sami and her team found CarNow to be a game-changer. CarNow not only met but exceeded expectations at Young KIA by providing a customizable solution that can be easily tailored to the dealership’s unique needs.

Another improvement came in the shift from automated bots to real human interactions within the chat feature. This personal touch increased customer engagement, retained potential leads, and enhanced lead quality.

CarNow’s impact at Young KIA extends beyond customer interaction; it has streamlined processes, resulting in a surge of leads, improved lead quality, and a better sold ratio. Discover more at