TimTalks: Kayne Grau, CarNow CEO

In a recent episode of TimTalks, host Tim Cox welcomed CarNow’s new CEO, Kayne Grau, to explore his vision for the company’s future. Kayne, a seasoned automotive industry leader, discussed some of his goals for CarNow, with a strong focus on the road ahead.

Kayne’s career has been marked by a passion for data and a background that includes leadership roles in companies such as eToys, DRIVIN, and Cars.com. Kayne expressed his excitement and belief in CarNow’s short- and long-term potential, highlighting how CarNow’s commitment to innovation and dedication to serving the automotive industry has set the company up for success.

Looking forward, Kayne envisions CarNow as a trailblazer in reshaping the automotive landscape. He emphasized that CarNow’s future extends beyond industry buzzwords like ‘AI’ and ‘data.’ Instead, he sees the company as a pioneer in building consumer confidence and facilitating direct connections between OEMs and customers.

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