Dealer Voice: Driving More Sales with CarNow

In the most recent installment of our Dealer Voice series, Dallin Breshears, General Manager at Young KIA, talked about their successful partnership with CarNow. He highlighted how CarNow’s digital solutions have helped to optimize their dealership operations, resulting in a boost in sales and an optimized car-buying experience. Their goal was to modernize the car-buying process, recognizing the growing preference for digital interfaces among customers.

Young KIA’s decision to partner with CarNow was driven by the platform’s ability to offer tailored solutions designed to meet their dealership’s specific needs. Breshears emphasized the importance of maintaining a long-term relationship with CarNow to ensure that the platform continually evolved to meet their evolving needs.

The partnership between Young KIA and CarNow has yielded impressive results, including an impressive 80% chat-to-leads conversion rate and an estimated $40,000 return on investment. In just one week, Young KIA successfully completed its first full retail deal online. CarNow’s technology has also lightened their workload, allowing their team to focus on other crucial tasks. Overall, CarNow has not only improved customer engagement and increased leads but also enhanced the overall car-buying experience for Young KIA’s customers.