Dealer Voice: Real-Time Retail in Action


CarNow is dedicated to transforming how dealerships engage with customers and achieve overall sales success. Offering real-time engagement solutions and seamless communication tools, CarNow empowers dealers to provide the immediate responses and personalized experiences that modern shoppers expect. In the latest edition of the Dealer Voice series, a variety of CarNow dealer partners located in Texas explored how CarNow’s comprehensive platform is helping them enhance dealership performance and improve customer satisfaction. A few of the common themes include:

Efficient Customer Engagement: Today’s shoppers want quick answers to their questions. Using CarNow’s mobile app, sales teams can quickly and easily respond to customer questions, eliminating the need for lengthy back-and-forth conversations or requiring customers to visit the dealership for more information. Text-based communication also aligns with the preferences of modern consumers who prefer texting and email over phone calls and other traditional methods of communication.

Enhanced Sales Experience: CarNow’s powerful dashboard features enable sales teams to provide a more seamless customer experience. Sales teams can use real-time conversation monitoring to intervene with online shoppers and offer immediate assistance as needed. This helps to streamline communication and ensure that important steps of the buyer journey are completed before customers visit the showroom in person. By bridging the gap between the online and physical showroom, CarNow’s platform helps create a smooth and engaging sales experience for dealership staff and customers alike.

Increased Engagement and Appointments: CarNow’s platform boosts customer engagement and appointment rates by enabling real-time communication. This leads to more meaningful interactions by optimizing sales processes and increasing gross profits.

The People Behind CarNow: CarNow’s success is not only due to its powerful technology but also the support provided by its dedicated team, which is committed to providing the industry’s best customer service and understanding the unique challenges of automotive retail.

CarNow’s platform is boosting automotive sales and enhancing customer experiences by empowering dealerships to meet the expectations of modern consumers. If you’re looking to maximize results and provide better online experiences for your customers, connect with the team at CarNow today.