Dealer Voice: CarNow Has Everything I Need

In today’s digital age, customer communication has gone through some major transformations. For example, traditional phone calls and emails are less common than text messaging and online interactions. Brittany Farmer, a BDC Agent at Dodge City of McKinney, recognizes the need to evolve and adapt to these changes. In the most recent edition of our Dealer Voice series, she highlights how CarNow helps enhance customer engagement and simplifies processes. Explore how CarNow helps dealerships connect with modern consumers more effectively and efficiently.

Evolving Communication Preferences
Many of today’s customers prefer text messaging and online platforms for communication. CarNow provides powerful tools that cater to these preferences, offering a comprehensive platform that facilitates seamless interaction between dealerships and their customers.

Streamlining Follow-up Processes
CarNow helps dealerships streamline the follow-up process by streamlining all inquiries from the internet portal. BDC agents can more efficiently manage interactions with customer using CarNow, saving time and effort and enhancing existing workflows.

Harnessing the Power of Messaging
CarNow’s robust messaging tools enable non-intrusive and natural customer engagement. Dealerships can quickly and easily reach out to customers and provide personalized and tailored attention via text-based communication.

Access to Comprehensive Customer Information
CarNow gives dealership staff all the needed customer data throughout the car-buying journey, helping to provide a seamless and personalized experience. Teams have access to relevant information, enabling them to more effectively assist shoppers.

Because of Brittany’s positive experience, she highly recommends CarNow as a customer engagement platform. CarNow’s tools and features are constantly evolving to address the challenges faced by dealerships, strengthening customer relationships and boosting sales performance.

In today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape, automotive dealerships need to adapt their customer engagement strategies to meet the needs of modern consumers. CarNow makes this process possible by providing a streamlined platform built to enable effective communication.

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