Dealer Voice: Five Star Ford Increases Customer Engagement with CarNow

Eric Hall, the Internet Director at Five Star Ford, shared how CarNow has transformed the way the sales team at their dealership interacts with customers, leading to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. By providing a mobile solution that allows the sales team to be available form anywhere on the lot, CarNow has enabled them to quickly and easily respond to shopper questions and build relationships without the pressure of face-to-face interactions.

Five Star Ford has experienced a surge in customer satisfaction by utilizing CarNow. The platform’s transparency and ease of use have helped to create high-quaty leads and genuine conversations, resulting in higher engagement and better relationships with car shoppers.

CarNow has also boosted the dealership’s performance metrics. Engagement rates and appointment conversions have increased, with higher-quality appointments that show up at a higher rate. The messaging function has become a valuable tool for quick communication and streamlined operations.

Eric emphasized that seeing success on the CarNow platform’s depends on proper utilization and that CarNow’s relationship-driven approach, quick response times, and seamless integration make it an excellent choice for dealers everywhere.

CarNow has greatly enhanced customer interactions for Five Star Ford, directly leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased shopper engagement, and higher-quality leads and appointments. CarNow’s user-friendly interface and integrated features elevate performance metrics across the board.

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