Dealer Voice: Enhance Efficiency with CarNow

Chris Shaw, the Internet Director at Dodge City of McKinney, shares how CarNow’s powerful platform has helped enhance customer engagement strategies at their dealership. By leveraging CarNow’s wide range of solutions such as texting, real-time communication, and document uploads, Dodge City of McKinney has optimized operations and connected with customers on a more personal level.

Traditional communication methods like phone calls and emails can be less effective, but CarNow’s texting solutions have provided Dodge City of McKinney with a solution. Instant text messaging allows the dealership to establish quick connections with car shoppers, ensuring prompt responses and personal engagement. This tool has been helpful in reaching out to engaged shoppers and leading to meaningful conversations that result in more sales.

CarNow’s dashboard provides sales managers with real-time information as well as the ability to join ongoing conversations at any time. Joining conversations midstream allows agents to provide immediate assistance and efficiently address customer questions and concerns. It also enables agents to gather important information upfront, streamlining the process of finalizing the deal when customers visit the dealership in person.

The newly rebranded ‘Live Help Needed!‘ feature stands out as a game-changer at Dodge City of McKinney by enhancing customer engagement and facilitating streamlined workflows that accelerate the sales process and improve customer satisfaction.

Real-time communication is critical when dealing with internet leads. CarNow’s live communication capabilities allow Dodge City of McKinney to engage in meaningful conversations with engaged shoppers, build trust to increase the likelihood of closing a deal, and improve profitability.

CarNow has helped improve Dodge City of McKinney’s customer engagement and communication strategies, empowering them to streamline operations and connect with customers on a personal level. By leveraging texting, real-time agent interaction, and the “Live Help Needed!” feature, Dodge City of McKinney has enhanced efficiency and provided exceptional customer service.

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