Dealer Voice: Real-Time Engagement with CarNow

Patrick Abad, the General Manager of Beaver Toyota in Cumming, Georgia, has been a long-time advocate of innovative technology in the automotive industry, and as a CarNow dealer partner, he has experienced firsthand the transformative power of a robust dealer retailing system.

Abad understands that today’s consumers value convenience above all else. They want quick answers to their questions without having to go through lengthy back-and-forth conversations or fill out forms on websites. That’s why he made the bold decision to remove forms from his dealership’s website and instead offer live chat engagement using CarNow’s digital retailing tools.

Now, when potential customers engage with a vehicle on Beaver Toyota’s website, they are immediately connected with a live chat representative who can work a car deal with them in real-time. The days of waiting around for responses or begging customers to come into the dealership are over. CarNow’s digital retailing tool has provided Beaver Toyota with the ability to offer instant answers and real-time engagement, completely transforming the guest experience.

As a firm believer in putting the customer first, Abad recognizes that CarNow’s product aligns perfectly with his philosophy. He understands that his guests deserve a seamless and efficient online experience, and CarNow delivers exactly that. CarNow’s digital retailing solutions allow Beaver Toyota to provide the experience their guests deserve and have been asking for.

According to Abad, if dealers truly care about the online experience their guests are getting, then CarNow is the answer. With real-time engagement, instant answers, and efficient digital retailing capabilities, CarNow is transforming the way dealers engage with customers.

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