Dealer Voice: Enhancing the Customer Experience with CarNow

In this edition of CarNow’s Dealer Voice series, Eric Hall, the internet director at Classic Chevrolet,  discussed how CarNow continues to revolutionize the online customer service experience. Before switching to CarNow, Classic Chevrolet’s chat service lacked the necessary technology to smoothly integrate with their CRM and live chat features. But with the help of CarNow’s powerful platform, they’ve seen a one-to-one chat experience that bridges the gap between the virtual and physical showrooms, ultimately helping salespeople be available whenever customers are ready to engage.

He also explored how the seamless dashboard interface has ensured that salespeople don’t have to switch between multiple dashboards while interacting with customers, which has led to an 86% success rate in engaging customers. According to Hall, the return on investment he’s seen with CarNow is the highest percentage of any of their other technology partners.