2022: A Year of Growth and Innovation for CarNow

2022 has been a busy and exciting year for both CarNow and the automotive industry as a whole. Following a year of growth and innovation, we wanted to reflect back on some of the biggest highlights of the past 12 months.  

In April, we launched our revolutionary Real-Time Retail™ platform at the NADA conference. This comprehensive solution includes a suite of tools and technologies that help dealerships optimize and revolutionize the way they connect with shoppers and drive sales, with a focus on real-time engagement. The launch was a major milestone for our company, and we were thrilled to introduce our platform to the automotive industry. 

Throughout the year, we’ve continued to upgrade and improve the Real-Time Retail platform. We’ve added new features and functionality, and we’ve worked closely with our dealer partners to ensure that our platform meets their needs.  

In December, we announced the general availability of our Showroom Dealmaker solution, which is helping to optimize and revolutionize the way that dealerships transact deals and help customers seamlessly transition from the online to in-store experience while car shopping. We’re excited to see how this tool helps drive even more success for our clients. 

In addition to our product developments, we’ve also been active in the industry. We’ve participated in key events and conferences, including the NADA Show, Digital Dealer Tampa, Digital Dealer Las Vegas, Modern Retailing Conference, and Used Car Week. These events have been a great opportunity for us to connect with dealers, hear their feedback, and showcase our solutions. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from dealers who have seen our platform in action, and we’re excited to continue building on this momentum.  

We’ve also announced strategic growth to our leadership team and other key departments, including product, marketing, and sales. These changes have been designed to help us continue to grow and serve our more than 5,000 dealer partners nationwide. We’ve added some talented and experienced professionals to our team, and we’re confident that these changes will help us continue to innovate and provide the best solutions to our clients. 

 Overall, 2022 has been a successful and exciting year for CarNow. We’re grateful for the support of our dealer partners, and we look forward to continued growth and success in the year ahead. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months, and are excited to continue providing dealerships with the tools they need to succeed in the coming year.