CarNow Platform Reporting Upgrades

We live in a data rich world. Any dealership software platform you use is going to offer a list of reports to find metrics on various aspects of your business. All of this data can offer a wealth of information, but how much real insight does it provide?

It’s easy to find yourself confused when trying to navigate complicated or underwhelming reporting tools to identify specific metrics or compare historical data with current trends, or to find that numbers aren’t what you expect to see. This trove of information can end up muddying, rather than clarifying, the decision-making process. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Significant upgrades have recently been made to the reporting functionalities within CarNow’s comprehensive platform. These improvements are designed to provide more effective metrics for users and allow for increased insights into both messaging and digital retailing operations. These updated reporting features are available to all users.

Key reporting upgrades include:

  • New Reports
    Users now have access to 22 new reports that have been designed to provide a deeper level of analysis for users around the effectiveness of the CarNow platform’s Real-Time Retail and Real-Time Messaging features.
  • Multi-Level Drilldowns
    Each of the 22 new reports include multi-level drilldowns with informational buttons enabled that provide a deeper understanding of the key metrics being displayed to users.
  • Key Metrics
    Reports now provide new key metrics to help break down the effectiveness of platform features and better guide the decision-making process at dealerships.

More data doesn’t have to mean more confusion, more time, or more work. Efficient reporting makes it easier than ever to transform metrics into real insights – the first step toward more profitable dealerships.

Accessing CarNow Platform Reporting
Platform users can access CarNow’s reporting tools via the dropdown menu at the top of the screen. Filters can be accessed by selecting the gear icon next to the “Reports” title.

V4 users can access reporting tools via the navigation selector on the left side of the screen, and filters can be controlled at the top of the report.

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