ShipYourCarNow and CarNow Partner to Integrate Auto Transport into the Digital Retail World

Today’s news from ShipYourCarNow describes how their Integrated Automotive Shipping Solution (IATS) brings digital retailing companies like CarNow a solution to include shipping in the overall purchasing process.

Boca Raton, FL – May 12, 2022 – ShipYourCarNow, the nation’s premier automotive transportation, technology, and service provider, today announced their partnership with CarNow, the automotive industry’s leading digital retailing company adding to their list of over 300 active integration partners and growing.

This partnership will provide a seamless shipping solution integrating directly with CarNow’s Real-Time Retail™ platform, improving the overall buying experience for both the consumer and the dealer. ShipYourCarNow’s industry-specific application programming interface (API) integration enables the consumer and dealer to close the gap between purchase and delivery.

This collaboration will enable CarNow’s dealership partners to include shipping directly into the purchasing process. Consumers and dealers will know upfront their exact, real-time delivery cost prior to finalizing the purchase, including the ability to incorporate the delivery cost within the financing. ShipYourCarNow brings an Amazon-like shipping model to meet both a consumer and dealer’s budgetary and timing needs.

The ShipYourCarNow solution provides the same Carvana capabilities to every dealership across the US, supplying dealers with a simple way to show their customers the cost to ship a vehicle and to execute the shipping transaction within the dealer’s website.

The ShipYourCarNow IATS platform allows dealers to literally leave all the driving in ShipYourCarNow’s hands. “With our suite of Integrated Automotive Transportation Solutions (IATS), we have the flexibility to meet any business process requirements for an awesome user experience,” said John Robertson, Executive Vice President of ShipYourCarNow.

“CarNow chose a completely seamless solution, as all information required for the transport is automatically completed via API. The customer experience is as easy as choosing how quickly they would like their car delivered and checking the box. We make it happen from there,” Robertson added.

“CarNow’s platform is designed to provide dealers and consumers with advanced, easy-to-use technology solutions that streamline the car-buying process,” said Paul Chae, Senior Vice President of Product at CarNow. “We want to ensure our dealers and their shoppers have the best-possible options for vehicle shipping during the digital retailing process, which is why we’re pleased to announce the integration of ShipYourCarNow with our Real-Time Retail platform.”

About ShipYourCarNow

Since 2010, Ship Your Car Now has been providing North American and International shipping to the entire vehicle transportation industry from personally owned passenger vehicles to heavy equipment. We service dealers, auctions, fleet managers, and remarketing companies from coast to coast. Our technology, people, and processes have lifted us to the forefront of our industry. Our single-minded focus on the transportation of vehicles and equipment has allowed us to develop the technological tools capable of providing smart, efficient, seamless integration to our customers websites and business processes.

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About CarNow

CarNow is the market leader in digital retailing solutions for the automotive industry. CarNow creates frictionless, real-time enterprise software solutions to facilitate the transaction between dealers and consumers. Through our solutions, shoppers receive enhanced virtual showroom services, live support anytime, anywhere, delivered to them on any device. With 5,000 dealership customers and over twenty manufacturer certifications, CarNow is one of the fastest-growing companies in automotive. CarNow is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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