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MessageNow + BuyNow:
Digital retailing solutions by CarNow

Our technology has been developed in partnership with leading dealership groups across the country.

It is built on a unique software architecture that provides the foundation for digital retailing in the Automotive industry.


CarNow’s MessageNow is a next-generation digital communication platform that is transforming the way automotive companies interact and transact with consumers.

BuyNow is the rst automotive digital retailing solution of its kind. Industry leading integrations and reliable market data provide your customers with con dence, while live-assisted sessions guide them through the entire buying process. With BuyNow, you cantransform simple inquiries into ready and willing buyers.


“With CarNow, we can give our customers the most responsive and interactive car-buying experience online. It has changed the game for us.”

–Drew Tutton
   General Manager Ed Voyles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

BuyNow Features

  • Live Assisted

    Live Assisted

    BuyNow is the first ever live assisted automotive digital retail platform. Your customers can get their questions answered and negotiate in real-time with your team, while you have the option to monitor and guide their transaction.
  • Regional & National Incentives

    Regional & National Incentives

    All OEM incentives and rebates are completely customizable and can be automated to display real-time pricing logic without the need for intervention. Available offers include generic and conditional rebates with full stackability logic.
  • Trade Integration

    Trade Integration

    BuyNow’s integrations with Kelley Blue Book and TradePending make valuing a vehicle easy and reliable for both the consumer and pre-owned manager. The flexibility of using live market data, dealership investment estimates, and traditional book values yields higher accuracy and protects your margins. Additional market factors are shared with the consumer, thereby building transparency and con dence in the trade number.
  • Payment Calculator

    Payment Calculator

    BuyNow’s customizable payment calculator gives you complete control of the payment estimation display to your customers. Customers are empowered to configure payments based on variable factors such as trade-in, down payment, and payoff.
  • Time Saved in Store

    Time Saved in Store

    Show your customers what they want to see… they want to spend less time in the store! BuyNow allows you to customize timers and displays so that you can reinforce the time savings for your customers.
  • F&I Product Integration

    F&I Product Integration

    In partnership with F&I Express, BuyNow allows you to display actual prices of F&I products from providers you use today. Give customers the time and tools to make F&I decisions without the pressure of the dealership.
  • Pre-Qualification Option

    Pre-Qualification Option

    Give your customers the ability to determine their credit and the applicable rate without providing SSN or DOB. Pre-qualification can be provided through BuyNow or integrated with your current credit provider.

MessageNow Features


  • Inventory Integration

    Inventory Integration

    Connected with your inventory provider, MessageNow delivers your inventory in an easy to use environment so agents and customers can have a conversation about live inventory.
  • Virtual Brochures

    Virtual Brochures

    Through integrations with key OEM data, MessageNow gives agents the power to share detail about your vehicles that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Vehicle Comparisons

    Vehicle Comparisons

    MessageNow takes it a step further by allowing agents to compare multiple models at the same time. MessageNow will trim match all models so you deliver the right information to your customers.
  • Video Integration

    Video Integration

    Integrated with both OEM and dealership video feeds, MessageNow empowers agents to share relevant vehicle, product, and how-to videos with consumers providing a much richer conversation.
  • DealNow


    Receive realtime escalation alerts for quali ed in-the-moment opportunities to keep your live leads live. Agents activate a “Digital TO” to alert and empower your managers to review and enter the conversation at the right moment, from any device, anywhere.
  • Click to Text

    Click to Text

    Connect with your customers how they want to talk. With Click to Text activated, your customers can use their local SMS client to engage with your store. You can also SMS enable any of your current phone numbers and even integrate it into your Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Facebook Integration

    Facebook Integration

    Link your dealership’s Facebook page with MessageNow to send inventory and resources, manage customer inquiries, and send all Facebook leads directly to your CRM.

CarNow integrations now available

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business

DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

Google AnalyticsGoogle Events & Goals Tracking

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords


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