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Help convert more customers from your dealer website with our ConvertNow package for both sales and service.

CarNow has built a suite of Conversational Commerce call’s to action to deliver more qualified/low-funnel customers who are closer to the sale.

ConvertNow is CarNow’s approach to help dealers best connect with the specific needs of their customers.

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ConvertNow uses AI to guide the information gathering process for the client.

The beauty of ConvertNow and CarNow connected retail is that the customer never has to stop and figure out what to do next to buy a car.

The steps flow naturally to the customer. ConvertNow combines the gathered pieces of customer information into one big picture for the dealership staff. Dealerships who use these ConvertNow flows have seen a lift on average of 133% on the success of gathering customer information rather than using a static lead form.

Adding ConvertNow flows to your website gives the client the control they want to get answers to their questions quickly while guiding them into other areas of your website necessary to continue their journey through the buying process. ConvertNow helps start the conversation while ensuring a consistent process is followed. This process eliminates client frustration due to waiting for live responses.

ConvertNow consistently speeds up the process for the client, keeping them on your website.

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AI ConvertNow can work with a client on particular requests that may not need human interaction while feeding valuable information to dealership staff.

This process frees up your team’s valuable time and gives the client a sense of progression towards a goal instead of the single step of filling out a form, receiving a ‘Thank you, Goodbye’ screen and waiting for a response. Nothing can ever replace actual live social interaction. Still, ConvertNow helps guide the conversation in a specific direction allowing the you to know precisely what the client is looking to do once you jump into the conversation.

Currently – ConvertNow, using natural language responses, will lead the clients into the following workflows:

  • Schedule a test
  • Trade Value
  • Credit pre-qual
  • E-Price

ConvertNow Case Study Findings*

Schedule Test Drive

21% click to lead

17% lift in total CarNow leads

28% engage with agent

97% of customers who clicked the Schedule a Test Drive button resulted in a confirmed appointment/CRM lead

Get E-price

33% click to lead

50% lift in total CarNow leads

37% engage with agent

ConvertNow - appointment
ConvertNow = E-price
* Date Range for Data Nov 2019-Jan 2020 (92 days total). Averages based on 34 dealerships throughout the US within 898 total sessions. Session = a customer clicking a ConvertNow CTA and taking 1 action.

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