LotLinxCarNow Integrates withLotLinx, the Industry’s #1 Automotive AI

lotlinx_iphoneIn today’s mobile first world, site speed is more important than ever. In order to highlight page speed, Google has launched the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) project. LotLinx is backing this project with VIN specific landing pages.

This means when your consumer is looking for a specific vehicle, they get a unique landing page to the vehicle of their dreams that loads in 1.5 seconds. Metrics show that if a consumer waits over 3 seconds for a page to load, 53% of your traffic jumps off. AMP pages lead to a significantly higher conversion, 5X specifically when tested against a control group.

CarNow and LotLinx have entered into a partnership that will allow for consumers to communicate via our live interaction platform, via Web based chat, as well as SMS text from a consumers cell phone.

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