Transforming the way dealers
communicate and transact with customers.

CarNow is excited to be part of the Mini Certified Programs with MessageNow.

CarNow MessageNow is a next-generation digital communication platform we have developed in partnership with leading dealership groups across the country. Our tool is built on a unique software architecture that provides the foundation for digital retailing in the Automotive industry, and fundamentally enhances the interaction between customers and dealers.

CarNow Features

Industry leading integrations and an intelligent content management system provides your team the tools to deliver the right information to your customers in real-time.

  • Inventory Integration

    Inventory Integration

    Connected with your inventory provider, MessageNow delivers your inventory in an easy to use environment so agents and customers can have a conversation about live inventory.
  • Virtual Brochures

    Virtual Brochures

    Through integrations with key OEM data, MessageNow gives agents the power to share detail about your vehicles that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Vehicle Comparisons

    Vehicle Comparisons

    MessageNow takes it a step further by allowing agents to compare multiple models at the same time. MessageNow will trim match all models so you deliver the right information to your customers.
  • Video Integration

    Video Integration

    Integrated with both OEM and dealership video feeds, MessageNow empowers agents to share relevant vehicle, product, and how-to videos with consumers providing a much richer conversation.
  • DealNow


    Receive realtime escalation alerts for qualified in-the- moment opportunities to keep your live leads live. Agents activate a “Digital TO” to alert and empower your managers to review and enter the conversation at the right moment, from any device, anywhere.
  • SMS & Email Invites

    SMS & Email Invites

    MessageNow empowers your team to proactively take care of your customers. Invite allows your team to bring a customer into session via SMS or email on the fly. Great for encore deliveries, enriching phone ups, and more.
  • Live Tracking

    Live Tracking

    MessageNow actively tracks your online shoppers displaying their shopping behavior on your site. We can deliver the right message at the right time, turning your online visitors into showroom buyers.
  • Multiple Management Options

    Multiple Management Options

    MessageNow is powerful yet flexible. Whether you are set up to manage MessageNow with your own BDC, have us back you up, or want our BDC to fully manage while engaging senior managers with DealNow, we have you covered.
  • Click to Text

    Click to Text

    Connect with your customers how they want to talk. With Click to Text activated, your customers can use their local SMS client to engage with your store. But, in true CarNow fashion, this isn’t your normal SMS solution. Contact our sales team for a full demo on MessageNow.

Why CarNow?


Next-Gen Technology Architecture

Unlimited extensibility on new content and process flows for ultra-fast technology development.

integrationUnparalleled Content Integration

Industry-leading richness and range of object types and use cases in Content Library.

customer experienceThoughtful Customer Experience

Engages, interacts with, and converts in the most customer-centric and dealer-friendly way.

Usability & ResponsivenessUsability & Responsiveness

Leading ease of use and intuitive interface speeds training and ROI

Leadership TeamLeadership Team

Proven entrepreneurs with track record of partnering to create industry-leading solutions.


How the alternative compares

24/7 Managed Option
CRM Integration
Inventory Integration
Rich HTML Objects
Vehicle Comparisons
Video Feed Integration
SMS Notifications
Digital Manager TO


Integration & Training
$600/one time
MessageNow Software Only
24/7 Reception Services
24/7 Fully Managed

There is no substitute for first hand experience. See the most advanced digital communication solution available in action.