ScheduleNow for Facebook

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ScheduleNow for Facebook is a frictionless AI- powered service appointment scheduler that closes the loop quickly and efficiently for your clients.

Scheduling a service appointment has never been easier and can be effortlessly scheduled with a just few taps/clicks from a smartphone or desktop.

A client who completes at least two service visits to your dealership is five times more likely to purchase their next vehicle from your dealership. Your service department is your best sales retention tool. Combine that knowledge with the fact that most people spend over 1 hour per day on Facebook. Dealers need to reach their service clients where they are every day — Facebook!

ScheduleNow for Facebook uses CarNow’s AI flows to take a customer through the process of scheduling service.

ScheduleNow for Facebook

The appointment can be scheduled directly into Xtime. The ability to schedule with other providers is coming very soon.

Once the customer clicks on a Facebook ad that the dealer is promoting, the customer can then schedule their service visit directly on Facebook, communicating with the customer the way they want to communicate.

Facebook recently released a playbook. The contents are exclusively for Automotive dealers. They have written their suggestion for what dealers should be doing to reach customers through their platform. At this time, we are the first and only communication platform listed in this playbook.


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