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PriceNow is a payment calculator that not only gives your customers the information they are looking for but gives you, the dealer, the ability to communicate and be notified in real time of customers working payments live on your website without having to deploy a full digital retailing platform.

PriceNow will leverage regional and national incentives, trade evaluations and a soft credit pull to deliver the most accurate payment for your customers. With multiple options to drive leads, you will be building better quality leads along the way to increase sales for your store.

PriceNow Features

Customizable Calls-to-Action

PriceNow gives you multiple options on how to display the tool on your website. Think of us as a white-labeled technology on your website where we can deploy customized calls-to-action that entice customers to submit a lead and dive into their payments. We can even deploy your own custom creative if you design it!

Multiple Unlock Options

Drive your desired business results by customizing the unlock and lead collection methods for PriceNow. From asking for information upfront to offering during the soft credit pull, PriceNow has you covered.

Customized Payment Options

Built off the same payment engine we use for BuyNow, the most powerful digital retailing product in automotive, we deliver payments leveraging national and regional incentives, trade tools, and soft credit checks. All of this built off your current pricing structure to maximize the effectiveness while minimizing maintenance.

Multiple Trade Integrations

Deploy with multiple trade integration partners based on your preference. Supporting providers like TradePending, KBB, and KBB ICO (extra fees may apply), we can keep your website consistent for your customers.

Soft Credit Option

Customers can narrow their payments even by running a soft credit check with NO social security and NO date of birth needed. This further improves your visibility into this customer by providing access to not only their credit rating but also access to their full file return.

Test Drive Scheduler

Once your customer is ready, they can schedule a test drive with the easy to use calendar and time picker. This is all based on your department hours and customizable by each department.

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