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OfferNow is designed to close more deals while communicating with your customers during a chat session on MessageNow.

OfferNow will show special offers to your clients during chat sessions as Single VDP offer views or when customer clicks “Show Me More” it will offer them multiple offers.

OfferNow will offer a pop-up in the bottom corner of the chat based off a qualifying VIN. The customer can either click “get more information” or “show me more.” When the customer clicks “Get more information” OfferNow will have the opportunity to route them either to a basic form fill or launch the current messaging software through CarNow that you know and love.

We can require customer contact info in order to start that chat or just go straight to chat and have an agent collect the contact information. That is up to you!


OfferNow provides the most up-to-date incentives available and can customize to your needs

  • OfferNow is supported with AIS incentive data, the same advertised lease and APR programs publicly available on Tier 1 OEM websites
  • As AIS updates their incentives, our systems are updated and the information is updated immediately making OfferNow as current as possible
  • The customer is shown Lease and APR offers
  • Fully theme compliant with dealer website – we can alter font sizing and colors to best match OEM themes
  • When the customer engages with the OfferNow offer – they will be offered one of the following:
    • Contact Form -> Chat: This will start with the contact form and launch into chat for your staff (must have MessageNow to support)
    • Contact Only: Will show contact form and not launch chat. We will just push the lead to you in this case


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