Google AnalyticsTrack Your CarNow Activity in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Track Your CarNow Activity in Google Analytics

Start tracking your CarNow sessions and leads in Google Analytics.

When your customer chooses to communicate via Chat, Text, responding to a marketing campaign, finds you on Facebook, or Google; CarNow will accurately report sessions and leads to Google Analytics. You’ll know what source your consumer comes from to effectively measure performance across all channels; maximizing the ROI of your marketing efforts

Determine which pages and sources deliver the highest quality traffic and which call to action placement generates the most interaction.

The next goal to setup is powered by Cross Orin Resource Sharing (CORS) which allows information from one domain to report back to another. For this, we need your Google Analytics UA code emailed to A list of common goals is below, included in your email please let us know which events you want tracked.

There are many different events to track. Our two most common are session start and lead push. You can setup these with the following regular expression in the category, action will always equal Click (case sensitive) but can be left blank.

Session Start:

Lead Push:

Setting up tracking of events in Google Analytics is quite easy. If you have questions about the definitions or reporting, please do not hesitate to contact at us

Google Analytics goals

Integrating with Google Analytics

To find your Google UA Code, in your Analytics console navigate to Admin > User Management > Tracking Code.

    Need Analytics help?

    For assistance setting up these goals you may add to your Analytics account. For additional questions please call (877) 882-5353 or email

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