Facebook Marketplace

CarNow Integration for Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

CarNow Integration for Facebook Marketplace

Now, your customers can shop your used inventory and ask questions on the spot with our integration with Facebook Marketplace.

We have highly trained agents in place 24/7 to answer any and all chats, allowing you to be there for customers during the decision making process.

Yes! Post my inventory to Facebook

    CarNow Facebook  MarketplaceAutomotive is one of the most popular categories on Facebook Marketplace and it allows customers to browse available inventory and directly message sellers. You can now reach these potential buyers by showing your inventory on Marketplace.

    When a customer finds their next car, a simple call to action allows them to request more information or schedule a test drive using Messenger.

    CarNow inspires consumer confidence, translating into more appointments and more cars selling.

    With CarNow, your consumer is always connected. Whether it be via Facebook or your website on desktop or mobile.

    Integrating with Facebook Messenger

    Our integration allows you to publish inventory on Marketplace. When a consumer is interested, they can message directly from a Marketplace listing and these conversations will come into CarNow.

    Step 1  
    Enable Facebook Messenger through CarNow

    Your Facebook admin will need to follow these instructions. Please let us know if your Facebook admin does not currently have a CarNow account.

    Step 2  
    Request Inventory Integration to Facebook

    CarNow is a Facebook approved partner that can push inventory to Facebook Marketplace. CarNow will push all your used vehicle inventory to Marketplace for our dealers at no cost. To complete the setup, simply fill out this form:

      If you have questions or need help getting started, please contact us at (877) 882-5353 or support@carnow.com to learn more.