Benefits of a Single-Platform Dealer Retailing System at Your Dealership

What Is a Dealer Retailing System?

Your dealership’s dealer retailing system is a powerful tool that allows you to manage multiple aspects of the car-buying journey and your dealership’s business operations. A strong solution can handle everything from customer experience management, data and analytics tracking, and transaction operations to 3D vehicle tours, online financing and trade-in tools, and virtual showroom processes. It should also offer a convenient way to integrate all these crucial tasks into one powerful platform.

How It Benefits Your Dealership

Though the value may seem obvious to a seasoned user, there are various aspects that dealerships tend to overlook. Let’s dive into some of the best reasons to use a robust dealer retailing system to help manage your dealership.

Improved Customer Service

In order to stand out in today’s automotive market, you have to offer distinguished customer service that improves your customer satisfaction rates and turns your customers into loyal brand advocates. A good dealer retailing system allows dealerships to offer excellent customer service by tracking detailed lead data that the whole team can access, keeping each team member well-informed of their current prospects and customers, and making customized,real-time service and engagement possible for each group.

With online car sellers in the mix, traditional dealerships have more to contend with than ever before. By incorporating some of the valuable advantages of online car sales in the form of a dealer retailing system, dealerships can establish stronger connections with buyers using real-time engagement tools. This allows dealerships to make a name for themselves and kick their customer service into high gear.

Data & Marketing

For dealers and sales managers to do their work effectively, good data is required. When market data is outdated or low-quality, it compromises a dealership’s understanding of the current market and, therefore, its ability to do business and effectively market itself.

Without a proper solution in place, a dealership is likely missing out on a fair amount of detailed customer information. A robust dealer retailing system gives you access to better data and more of it, organizing important information into easy-to-read reports that you can share with your whole team and even integrate with third-party tools.

One function a dealer retailing system can serve is by gathering detailed website analytics data to generate valuable data about how users interact with your site and what that means for your dealership and the market you operate within. This data allows you and your team to evaluate just how effective your marketing efforts are and indicate areas where you can improve them.

Cloud-Based Portability

Cloud computing has benefited many industries, and auto dealerships are no exception. By storing and computing your digital retailing data in remote servers, you and your team can make use of your solutions on a variety of separate devices, even on the go with mobile devices.

Not only does a cloud-based solution offer portability, but it also removes the need for an expensive and time-intensive in-house server. System updates are deployed seamlessly behind the scenes, and you won’t have to worry about excessive lag time when retrieving your data.

If you have a larger enterprise, cloud-based options also allow you portability between various locations and across the various dealers and franchises who need access to the platform.

Connected to Inventory

Effective inventory management is integral to any business. A quality dealer retailing system can integrate with your dealership’s inventory system to help you identify in real-time exactly what stock is available, ensuring you’re presenting customers with live, real-time inventory selections and pricing – ultimately saving you and your team valuable time that would otherwise be spent managing this process manually.

Current Car-Buying Trends

Your dealer retailing system can help you keep a finger on the pulse of the modern car shopper, allowing you to identify the latest car-buyer trends and giving you the information you need to  match your in-store processes to current consumer behavior. This is a valuable tool for identifying the rapidly evolving trends and preferences of the modern car-buyer.

Why Does Your Dealership Need a Single-Platform Solution?

While the above are useful and valuable benefits of a powerful dealer retailing system, the following are critical value-adds that no dealership should be without.

Centralizes Your Information

Though a cloud-based solution allows you to access your data on the go, it also centralizes the data to one server, ensuring that your whole team has the same, up-to-date information. This centralized data also allows for more effective data security measures. An offsite, encrypted server monitored by professionals is an excellent environment for secure data and is less susceptible to a breach.

Improves Productivity

The ability to share uniform, up-to-the-minute data across your whole team is an excellent way to bolster communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. When data is redundant and collected in various areas, it can cause discrepancies, which take valuable time and effort to correct and keep your team away from the more valuable work they excel at. A central location ensures that the same data is visible from all devices and locations, improving productivity across your team.

Drives Smart-Decision Making With Insights & Reporting

Gathering information from various sources, the right dealer retailing system can instantly produce easy-to-understand reports that present the data in an instructive and insightful way. These insights allow you to recognize sales growth opportunities and make more impactful decisions to improve your dealership’s business prospects.

Next Steps With CarNow

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