Mazda Selects CarNow as a Preferred Partner for Digital Showroom Program, Enhancing Dealership Operations Through Comprehensive Digital Retailing and Messaging

CarNow to streamline omnichannel car-buying experience for Mazda retailers and consumers

ATLANTA, December 11, 2022 – CarNow, the automotive industry’s leading digital retailing and messaging platform, today announced it has been selected by Mazda North America Operations (MNAO) as a preferred partner in its Mazda Digital Showroom program. As part of the partnership, Mazda retailers can now leverage CarNow’s comprehensive messaging, digital retailing and showroom platform to enhance their retail operations.

The Mazda Digital Showroom streamlines the omnichannel car-buying experience for both dealers and consumers, delivering a seamless, integrated, and modern experience at every stage of the customer journey. As an integral part of the program, CarNow provides real-time conversation tools that keep customers engaged during the digital to in-store car buying experience.

 “The proliferation of programs and technologies that exist in the automotive retail space has truly revolutionized the way consumers buy cars,” said Michael Seeman, Senior Vice President of OEM Relations at CarNow. “The car-buying journey today begins on the screen of a connected device. Our partnership with Mazda is all about providing a seamless and simplified customer experience that makes it easy to transition from online to in-store, giving everyone involved the tools they need to remain informed and engaged through the entire sales process.”

Customer experience has become a significant differentiator in the automotive retail process. CarNow’s technologies align with Mazda’s customer-centric approach to ensure that customers can engage how they want, when they want, and in the way they want, reducing frustration and friction and improving overall satisfaction throughout the car-buying process.

With an eye toward the future, CarNow is well-positioned to facilitate the introduction of new functionalities and integrations that are aligned with MNAO, ensuring the superiority of the dealer and customer experience.

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