Build Your Car

As CarNow continues to expand its comprehensive Real-Time Retail™ platform, it recently announced updates to the Build Your Car feature within the platform’s digital retailing workflow. Providing both a cleaner look and a simplified user experience for the consumer, this upgrade empowers dealers to work deals off nearly any vehicle, capture a higher volume of leads, and outperform the competition.  

The Build Your Car feature helps you overcome inventory shortage challenges by leveraging in-transit vehicle technology and other key elements of the Real-Time Retail platform. With Build Your Car enabled, consumers are offered a virtual click-through experience allowing them to select the preferred year, make, model, trim, and color of their ideal vehicle. After being shown estimated payment costs, shoppers are presented with an interactive view of current offers and incentives and can browse real-time vehicle inventory to select an existing car from the dealership in a Real-Time Retail session.

 Enable this feature today to transform your digital retailing processes and streamline the customer experience. Contact your regional performance manager to get started!