In-Transit Vehicle Technology

For automotive dealers, a solid tech platform encompasses all of the products, tools, and solutions needed to navigate a constantly evolving industry. With vehicle inventory shortages challenging today’s market, many dealers are looking to third-party services for strategies to keep leads up, engage with shoppers, and sell more cars faster.

One example is CarNow’s Real-Time Retail™ platform, a comprehensive, live-data technology solution that includes all the tools and resources necessary to provide a seamless digital retailing experience for shoppers on in-transit vehicles.

Benefits include:

  • Increase Leads
    By listing in-transit vehicles on your search results page, you’re able to increase the number of leads generated by your website. In fact, one dealer utilizing CarNow’s in-transit vehicle technology in this way experienced a 27 percent increase in total leads from February to April 2022.
  • Sell In-Transit Vehicles Faster
    Another benefit of CarNow’s in-transit vehicle technology is that it operates seamlessly within the platform, empowering shoppers to begin the digital retailing process – and even complete their purchase – before a vehicle arrives on your lot.
  • Keep Shoppers Engaged
    In today’s market, it’s never been more important to keep consumers engaged following initial contact with your dealership. Prevent shoppers from searching for their desired vehicle elsewhere by providing them a way to explore purchase options and secure their desired vehicle in transit.
  • Achieve OEM Incentives
    Many OEMs are adding sales incentives and allocations based a dealer’s ability to meet a required percent of custom orders each month. In-transit vehicle technology, such as that found in the CarNow platform, can help dealers achieve these incentives and inventory allocations and, ultimately, realize higher profits by processing more custom orders.

Contact your CarNow representative today to learn more and set up in-transit vehicle technology at your dealership.